THE BRONX - The Bronx man accused of stabbing and killing his longtime girlfriend and then stabbing the victim's 9-year-old granddaughter appeared before a judge in his hospital bed Thursday.
Henry Maldonado faced charges of murder, attempted murder, manslaughter and arson for the alleged killing of Carmen Irrizary on May 11.
Maldonado faced the charges while breathing through an oxygen tube, only speaking to accept a restraining order for the victim's granddaughter.
Prosecutors say Irrizary was asleep with her granddaughter, Heaven, when the attack happened in a 156th Street apartment. Irrizary was found dead at the scene with 26 stab wounds, while Heaven was stabbed in the chest, back, leg and armpit, but managed to escape.
They then say that Maldonado set fire to the apartment after the attack, using clothes and paper on a nearby table.
Heaven Irrizary remains in the hospital recovering from her numerous injuries.
Prosecutors say that Maldonado has a history of domestic abuse against his longtime girlfriend.
Maldonado, who is being held without bail, has his next hearing on June 3.