THE BRONX - The work on the new Yankee Stadium moved one step closer to completion Friday, with the symbolic installation of the Bombers? sign in the new ball park.

Crews mounted the giant letters that spell out ?stadium? above the main entrance to the new arena across the street from the House that Ruth Built. Each letter is 12 feet high and 3 feet deep, and at sun down, they will be lit from the inside.

With the installation of the sign, the new stadium is 75 percent complete, and officials promise the ball park will be ready for the 2009 baseball season.

The Yankees will play their last home game in the soon-to-be old stadium on Sunday, and many fans of the Bronx Bombers say it will be a bitter sweet moment for them.

?The stadium is in a little bit of disarray, the next one would be nicer, but boy, the tradition is just sort of hard to pass by,? says Kevin McMorran.

Still, some baseball enthusiasts say they are disappointed that the developers wasted millions of dollars on luxury amenities and upgrades at the new ball park. They are worried they will not be able to afford the expensive tickets and concessions.

?This is getting ridiculous,? says Donny Mitchell, of the Bronx. ?Parking is almost $15-$20, and everybody is going crazy because the last night is Sunday.?

The Bronx Bombers will bid their final farewell to their old home with a special concert on Nov.9.

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