EAST TREMONT - Five people were injured Wednesday in a blaze that's raising questions about an East Tremont apartment building's safety.

About 140 firefighters responded to 2115 Honeywell Ave. around 1:30 a.m. According to fire officials, it appears the blaze began on the top floor of the five-story building. The flames torched two units and damaged others, leaving the Red Cross to assist two tenants with housing.

A firefighter was among the five injured, however, no one was seriously hurt. Residents say quick thinking, not fire alarms, got them to safety. Neighbors knocked on each other's doors.Tenants tried to mop up water in hallways that was left behind by firefighters. They say the building's sprinklers failed.

Officials don't yet know the cause of the blaze in the building, which has 50 open violations with the city. Those violations include vermin and water leaks.