THE BRONX - Neighbors living near a vacant home in Norwood are fed up that nothing has been done to clean up the eyesore that has plagued their neighborhood.

Residents say the two-family home at 3132 Decatur Ave. has been vacant for at least five years after being destroyed by a fire. They say the vacant lot smells and is home to garbage as well as rodents.

There are tickets from the Department of Sanitation taped to the home's gate. The summonses state the owner is being fined for having a dirty sidewalk and area. Community Board 7 says it called the Department of Sanitation to help clean the area. 

One neighbor showed News 12 how most of the facade on the home is completely destroyed. Residents say they want something done and feel the best solution is to demolish the home. 

The owner of the building is listed as home mortgage company Fannie Mae. The firm says it is expediting the situation and sending local vendors to assess it.