OLINVILLE - Neighbors say a vacant piece of land in Olinville has become an illegal dump and an eyesore.

The space is filled with about a dozen packed bags of trash, clothes, children’s toys and school supplies. A large abandoned truck with plants growing through it is parked there as well. Neighbors say the vehicle has been there for years.

Residents say they are sick of the sight and smell of the empty lot on Willett Avenue.

“It’s a foul odor, like something dead,” says Norma Douglas.

Douglas also says neighbors often have to dodge rodents as they make their way past the lot.

Neighbors suspect that someone in the area is using the lot as a dumping ground, claiming that trash resurfaces whenever the lot is cleaned.

The Department of Sanitation tells News 12 The Bronx that the lot is privately owned and that it has previously cleaned the space on three separate occasions. The department plans to clean ths lot again Friday.