THE BRONX - A Bronx councilman's renewed call for narrower lanes on a stretch of East Tremont Avenue is being met with opposition from community leaders.  

The plan would take the two lanes on either side of East Tremont Avenue and narrow them into one on each side from Bruckner Boulevard through Waterbury Avenue.

Members of the community board overwhelmingly voted down the proposal last May.

However, after a fatal accident within that stretch this past June, Councilman Jimmy Vacca has resurrected the idea with talks to the Department of Transportation and says he intends to move full speed ahead.

Some community leaders say they want to put a stop to the councilman's plan altogether because the area is already very congested and narrowing the lanes would make it even worse.

Neighbors say they worry about the impact the narrow road will have on all the local businesses that wind the stretch of East Tremont Avenue, as well as the residential areas surrounding it.

However, all parties agree that something has to be done.

Vacca says he expects work to start on narrowing the lanes in the next 30 to 60 days if the Department of Transportation chooses to move forward.