THE BRONX - Community leaders spoke out Monday against the construction zone at 30-30 Middletown Rd. in the Bronx.

City leaders and residents believe builder Jake Selechnik will turn the area in a slum.

?The city has unleashed a vicious predator on this area,? says Mary Jane Musano, of the Waterbury LaSalle Association.

The Village Voice named Selenick, also known as ?Jake the Snake,? one of the top 10 slumlords citywide. The magazine says his buildings harbor problems such as mold and lead paint. Musano also says that Selechnik has had over 23,000 violations.

News 12 The Bronx - contacted Selechnik, who said that he had no idea about the plans at 30-30 Middletown Rd., though his name is listed on the permit application.

The Waterbury LaSalle Civic Organization plans to join forces with public advocate Betsey Gotbaum, as well as other community leaders to attempt to stop the project.