THE BRONX - Residents in Hunts Point say an abandoned house in the area is causing problems.

The house, located at 615 Faile St., is partially boarded up and is surrounded by garbage.

Neighbors say squatters have gotten into the home. Officials with Community Board 2 say they have dealt with the problems regarding the property and that they got agencies involved about a year ago to get the owner to close off the building.

"Squatters came in, the drug people came in, and they are taking over and this is the only house on this block that needs to be taken care of," says Martha Poll, who lives next to the home.

Representatives from Wells Fargo, which services the property, say they are currently moving toward finalizing a foreclosure but are limited in what they can do until the process is completed.

They also say they have made repeated attempts to secure the property and that recent reports indicate it was vacant.

They say they are sending someone to the property again to resecure it.