THE BRONX - Neighbors of Evander Childs High School say the school is putting out its trash too early and stinking up their sidewalk.

The garbage ranges from bagged waste to TVs and dressers. It lines the side of the street and residents say the smell permeates through the area for days.

The city Department of Sanitation says it will monitor the situation for the rest of the week.

"Sanitation will work the Department of Education to assure that collection schedules are adhered to and understood," DSNY told News 12.

Neighbors say the school trash is usually put out on a Friday — but collection isn't until Tuesday.

They also say the garbage pile attracts other people who see it to add their own garbage to the heap.

Neighbor Theresa Green says the school should move its garbage to a nonresidential side of the building.

The DOE says it will provide additional training and support for the building's custodial staff.