THE BRONX - Drivers will soon be able to pay for parking from their phone at all 14,000 meters across the five boroughs.

Mayor Bloomberg says he has started the search for a company to officially offer the service, due to the app's success on Arthur Avenue, where it has been in use since April.

Drivers will no longer have to deal with racing back to a parking meter to add more time or have slips of paper on their dashboard. Instead, they will receive a text message with an alert that time is about to expire and they can add more right then and there. For those without a smartphone, this can all be done online or over the phone.

Although the new service is designed to create less of a headache for drivers, some are saying the reliance on technology may be too much and can also cause issues, like many things that rely on technology.

Bloomberg also announced another app that will show drivers where there are open parking spots around them. Both apps will be ready to use by early 2015.