MORRISANIA - The first charter school in the state to offer EMT certifications for students has opened up its doors to the first class this past September.

Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health and Science Charter School, located in Morrisania, was named after its founder, a longtime Hunts Point doctor.

Izquierdo hopes to educate the next generation of Bronx physicians and health care professionals. The ultimate goal is to help prepare the kids to reduce poverty and health disparities in the borough.

Students will take a variety of classes but the main focus is the health and sciences area. By 12th-grade graduation, all students will be certified EMTs.

This charter school also places heavy emphasis on parental involvement. Every Friday students go on field trips with parents serving as chaperones.

For right now, the charter school is only made up of a 6th-grade class but will eventually go up to 12th grade.