MOTT HAVEN - Permits have been filed for a new hotel development near the waterfront on Brown Place between East 132nd Street and Bruckner Boulevard.

Advantage Lumber is currently located at the site.

News 12’s Kristie Reeter spoke with residents for their opinions on the new development.

“I actually think it would be a great idea to get a hotel around the area, maybe bring some more money into the area," said Reginald Dunbar.

Members of South Bronx Unite, a group that works to improve and protect the future of the South Bronx, said they want to speak with developers before any plans are put into effect.

"We want to know what their plan is and then so we can sit down and talk about what we see as a true line of accountability towards the community from this developer, give him an opportunity to see how he will be socially responsible," said Mychal Johnson, of South Bronx Unite.

It’s still unclear as to when this project is slated to progress. News 12 has reached out to the property owner for comment.