UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS - Three University Heights students are the subject of a new documentary that documents how they use poetry to overcome their daily struggles.

?To Be Heard? is directed by Eddie Martinez, also a Bronx native, who spent five years making it.

Martinez says the filming and editing was a long process, but telling the students' stories makes all of the hard work worth it. He says while the film is focused on The Bronx, it doesn't mean that others can't relate to the story.

"I think people realize that just because you live in The Bronx doesn't mean that your lives and your stories and your issues aren't relatable to people everywhere else," says Martinez.

Lillian DeJesus, a social worker from University Heights High School, where the film's subjects attend, praised the film for really showing what happens to students' lives. ?To Be Heard? has received critical acclaim elsewhere, with the New York Times calling it one of the best documentaries of the year.

It's now playing at the IFC Center in Manhattan.