THE BRONX - The families of a Bronx murder victim and the accused killer joined forces to seek the latter's release from custody now that prosecutors have released new evidence.

Enger Javier was charged with fatally stabbing Hansell Arias outside a McDonald's on Webster Avenue in 2012.

He's been in custody for the past two years, but just made bail. 

After being released, he met in person with the victim's sister. The two shook hands.

A recent report by the city's medical examiner states that Javier's DNA does not match samples collected from Arias' fingernails.

And surveillance video from the night of the crime places Javier at the scene, but he does not appear to be involved in the attack.

Javier's supporters say the district attorney withheld that video evidence for years.

Private investigator Manuel Gomez says he found "inconsistencies" within the findings of the NYPD and the DA's office.

Gomez says he believes investigators obtained that video hours after the murder, but he says court records reveal prosecutors told a judge that it did not contain anything relevant to the investigation.

Gomez says he believes it is likely prosecutors will drop the charges against Javier at his next court appearance.