MOTT HAVEN - Mott Haven has a new art gallery but its founder isn't new to the art scene nor new to the Bronx. 

Barry Kostrinsky founded Haven Arts Gallery in the South Bronx in 2006.  He opened another gallery in Haven SBX on Alexander Avenue about two months ago.

"There's a lot more walking through the door now," says Kostrinsky. "My door is always open and as a result people see an open door and they want to come in. Some people want to share and some people just stop in on the way to the subway and that's critical."

The work at the new art gallery features pieces from artists from the Bronx and beyond. 

Kostrinsky says that Haven SBX will offer the Mott Haven neighborhood more than just art.

Haven SBX is hoping to attract even more Bronx residents by hosting "drink and draw" nights, events that merge sports and art and collaborating with the Wall Art Gallery and Jerome Lamaar's 9J shop down the street.