SOUNDVIEW - A new study shows Hispanics live longer than most other American ethnic groups, but can also be prone to the most health complications. 

The study was conducted by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute since 2008 with 16,000 Hispanics from the Bronx, San Diego, Chicago and Miami. While Hispanics may live long lives, the study shows they can be worse off when it comes to the rate of high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and pre-diabetes.

One in three Cuban-American and Puerto-Rican Americans have high blood pressure. One in five Puerto-Rican Americans are also affected by diabetes. As for heart disease, one-third of all Hispanics ages 18 to 44 are at high risk.

Some Hispanics in the Bronx believe the culprit behind the health complications is immigrants adapting to the American lifestyle and diet.