WEST WINDSOR, NJ - A nurse accused of administering flu shots with used syringes has been temporarily suspended.

The state's acting attorney general temporarily suspended Mary Roback's nursing license after allegations surfaced that the Total Wellness nurse used two syringes on 67 people, while administering the flu vaccine.

The shots were given to employees of the pharmaceutical company Otsuka in West Windsor.

A source says the nurse changed needles with each patient, but used the same syringe, possibly putting them at risk for blood borne diseases.     

The employees who received the vaccine from Roback are being offered testing for Hepatitis B and HIV.

News 12 spoke with a doctor who says there is a low risk of infection since there was no direct contact with the syringe.

The Health Department says Roback has voluntarily surrendered her license, and is not currently practicing nursing in the state of New Jersey.