THE BRONX - A new painting in Mott Haven is stirring up a conversation and raising a lot of eyebrows.  

The mural, located outside a deli at Brook Avenue and East 140th Street, reads "Coming Soon...Bushwick (If we let it.)" Many believe that it's a reference to gentrification coming to that part of the Bronx, just as it has in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood.

Over recent years, Mott Haven has seen new businesses spring up, including a beer garden and a coffee shop. Residents say they fear it's the beginning of gentrification, which could end up pricing them out of their homes.

However, others say they welcome the change in the neighborhood because so far, it's been only a change for the better.

The artist behind the mural, Harry Bubbins, says that the area is on the cusp of gentrifying and that it might not be a good thing.

"Anyone who has lived in the area for some time is aware of the developing pressures and renovations that lead to people being thrown out of their apartments," said Bubbins.

The mural is not only a message to the community, but a constant reminder of what the Bronx could eventually become.