THE BRONX - New video was released four years after a bodega worker was mistakenly shot and killed by an officer responding to a robbery.

The video from 2012 shows Reynaldo Cuevas running out of the bodega at the corner of 169th Street and Franklin Avenue in the direction of an officer before being shot.

Afterward, the video shows Cuevas' body getting dragged out of view. His family's lawyer says the video raises questions about what happened in the shooting.

People gathered Wednesday to mourn and honor Cuevas' life, as it marked the fourth anniversary of his death.

In a statement, a law department spokesperson said the NYPD believes the officer's actions were justified and that he mistook Cuevas for one of the armed robbers, who are now behind bars.

None of the officers involved have faced any charges related to Cuevas' death.