THE BRONX - Officials in New York City have released a new bike map showing riders where they can safely ride. 

A section of Bruckner Boulevard in the Bronx will be added to the map, among the list of safe places to ride. The city says it is working hard to ensure the Bronx becomes more bicycle friendly. Officials say they will install new two-way protected bike lanes from Hunts Point Avenue to Longwood Avenue.

They say the construction project will include several other bike lanes across the city.

The new lanes will break the record for most new miles of protected bicycle lanes in one year, according to the city. Currently, there are over 15 miles of physically protected bike lanes in the pipeline for 2016. Officials say expansion of bike lanes and cycling has already helped drive Vision Zero's success.

They say more than 365,000 copies of the "New York City Bike Map" will be available for free across bicycle shops, NYC Park Recreation Centers, libraries and schools in all five of the boroughs.