THE BRONX - A new report shows that parks in the Bronx are in desperate need of some sprucing up, especially in Mott Haven. 

According to the nonprofit group New Yorkers for Parks, only 71 percent of maintenance inspections were acceptable in the borough, compared to a standard of 85 percent. It says one of the worst is St. Mary's Park in Mott Haven, which did not get a passing score for maintenance. 

St. Mary's Park earned an overall acceptable rate of 59 percent from the group, which says the 35-acre space lacks landscaping, trees and equipment. 

Mott Haven parks as whole failed on 11 out of 15 open space benchmarks, including the amount of and access to open space, tree canopy, surface permeability and overall maintenance. 

Mott Haven is also the poorest community board district in the city and the poorest congressional district in the county, which is why New Yorkers for Parks are advocating for improvements.