NEW YORK - (AP) - Other cities have pulled way ahead of New Yorkwhen it comes to bicycling to work. That's despite a controversialpush by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to build bike lanes across thecity.

A new study by Rutgers University shows the percentage of NewYorkers commuting by bicycle barely budged during a 19-year period.In 1990 it was 0.3 percent of commuters. By 2009 it was 0.6percent.

In Chicago, the rate increased fourfold during that time. Ittripled in Washington, San Francisco and Minneapolis. And inPortland, Oregon the rate went from 1.1 percent to 5.8 percent ofcommuters.

The study also found that women make up only 20 percent ofbicycle commuters in New York. In the other cities they were closerto one-third.