THE BRONX - Throgs Neck residents say the 7 One 8 nightclub has been disturbing the neighborhood, but News 12 The Bronx went undercover to capture the action and generally found it to be business as usual.

Neighbors complained of noise, parked cars taking over the street and X-rated activity in the cars. Club co-owner William Padilla invited News 12 to the club to see if the complaints were warranted. News 12 then returned in an unmarked car to further investigate.

Padilla said there would be hourly security sweeps, free valet parking and soundproofing at the back of the building. Valet parking seemed to be effective, as did the soundproofing, according to News 12. While guards were posted in front of the club and there were frequent check ups by the NYPD, the hourly security sweeps were not completed. News 12 camera did not detect any inappropriate behavior. Padilla says he?s trying to work with the community and Councilman James Vacca?s (D-The Bronx) office to resolve the issues.