THE BRONX - News 12 The Bronx spoke exclusively with the livery cab driver who witnessed the shooting of an off-duty police officer yesterday in The Bronx.

Carlos Montero, 28, says he thought he had just been in a car accident when a white Mustang struck his cab on Harrison Avenue at around 6:30 p.m. However, when he got out, he found officer Ivan Montero clutching his side and firing at the people in the Mustang. Police say the three people in the Mustang were the ones who shot Montero after he tried to break up an attempted robbery.

One of the three suspects was shot and killed, while the other two got away, leaving a gun behind in the car's back seat.

Montero, who's been a cab driver for five years, says he's never seen anything like this. He wasn't hurt during the incident.

INTERVIEW: Livery driver witnesses officer-involved shooting