BETHPAGE - Cablevision says that News Corp. has rejected its latest offer to end a dispute over programming fees. Earlier today, Cablevision offered to pay the same rate that Time Warner Cable pays for carriage of Fox 5 in New York and Fox 29 in Philadelphia for one year. Cablevision said that rate would have been more than it pays any other New York broadcast station. "It is now clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that News Corp. is operating in bad faith," said Charles Schueler, Cablevision's executive vice president of communications. Schueler also called on the FCC to immediately intervene in the dispute.

News Corp. claims Cablevision is trying to get "a discounted 'package rate' without buying the entire package." News Corp. pulled the channels from Cablevision on Oct. 16. Cablevision had agreed to binding arbitration to settle the impasse, but News Corp. refused to take part.

This evening, Cablevision announced that it will reimburse subscribers who opt to watch the World Series on for $9.95. Cablevision is the parent company of News 12.