NEW YORK - (AP) - Gov. David Paterson says he met with hispersonal attorney Saturday amid two scandals that threaten his job.

He wouldn't comment further at Monday's Brooklyn town hallmeeting on state budget issues.

Paterson was peppered with questions about the state budget in apacked room of New Yorkers who appeared to care little about thescandals.

Paterson also received some support from those attending thebudget hearing. One said he supports the Democrat strongly andhopes Paterson will finish his term.

Paterson emphasizes that he will use his authority to negotiatea budget with the Legislature.

Paterson is being investigated for talking to a woman whoaccused his aide in a domestic violence case and for receiving freeWorld Series tickets.

To watch extended footage of Paterson's budget town hall meeting, go to channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.