NEW YORK - (AP) - Officials say a joint New York City Police-Firerescue team in Haiti has pulled out two children alive from therubble of a collapsed two-story building in Port-au-Prince.

Police spokesman Paul Browne says the 8-year-old boy and10-year-old girl had been trapped for a week and were severelydehydrated. He said the children were rushed to an Israeli tenthospital where they were being treated.

Browne says the team recovered the bodies of three children fromthe same site earlier in the evening Tuesday, but they werepronounced dead at the scene. He says a rescue team from Virginiajoined the NYPD and FDNY in the effort.

Browne says the boy and girl were the fifth and sixthindividuals pulled alive from collapsed buildings by the NewYorkers since their arrival in Haiti on Saturday.