NEW YORK - (AP) - Times Square car bomb suspect Faisal Shahzadhas agreed to let the government delay seekingan indictment against him while it continues discussions with hislawyer.

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday released paperwork saying theycan delay until June 21 deciding how to proceed with charges in theMay 1 attempted bombing, in which an SUV laden with gasoline andpropane tanks was parked near a Broadway theater but didn't blowup.

Shahzad was arrested May 3. The ex-budget analyst fromBridgeport, Conn., was on a Dubai-bound plane at a New York Cityairport.

Authorities say he cooperated with investigators for two weeksbefore asking for a lawyer.

Shahzad was charged with attempted use of weapons of massdestruction and attempted acts of terrorism. A phone message leftwith his lawyer hasn't been returned.