THE BRONX - Dozens of families in a Bronx shelter are relocating with the help of the city's Department of Homeless Services.

The DHS decided to give clients extra days to pack on Tuesday after families received a notice telling them they had to be out of the building on Intervale Avenue within 24 hours. A spokesperson told families that they would be placed within three miles of their current location.

Annette Redman is disabled, legally blind and has three children. Redman says she was told by her caseworker on Wednesday that she would be relocated to Brooklyn, where she is originally from.  After days of being unsure where she would end up, Redman says the DHS will be placing her in an apartment close to her doctor’s office.

Other families say for the most part, the department has met their needs in the moving process, but they do not want to keep bouncing from shelter to shelter. They say they want the DHS to work with them to find them permanent housing.