NEW YORK - The captain of the water and aid station at mile 20 of the New York City Marathon spoke to News 12 Friday about the responsibilities volunteers will have during the day of the big race.

Lon Wilson has run 10 marathons and race-walked 97 more. He’s now a race-walking coach and has worked with Olympians.

Wilson will be supervising during the Nov. 1 race, making sure volunteers and runners are all safe as they pass the station on 138th Street near Alexander Avenue. About 200 volunteers will be on-hand with tables stacked with Gatorade and water cups.

"When I was [in marathons], I needed someone to help me…you just can't do it alone," said Wilson.

Wilson has been supervising the mile 20 marker for 10 years. Mile 20 is infamous for marathon runner who refer to it as “the wall.”