THE BRONX - A busy mother of four's determination to earn a college degree has finally paid off.

Bronx resident Marsha Robinson visited a NYCHA digital van for two years to use its computers because she did not have access to one at home. Robinson says she made it her mission to be one of the first people in line each Tuesday to use the free laptops to do her homework and write her essays.

After two years, she earned an associate degree from Monroe College.

Robinson credits the staff at the establishment for helping her in her time of need.

She is now pursuing a bachelor's degree in health administration at the college and continues to visit the digital van weekly to complete her assignments.

Robinson says that she continues to pursue a higher education because she wants to be an inspiration to her four children.

The digital computer van makes its rounds to different public housing buildings throughout the city to give tenants, like Robinson, free access to computers.