THE BRONX - In its quest to move Bronx residents into apartments big enough to accommodate their families, the New York City Public Housing Authority (NYCHA) could be forcing elderly tenants out of their homes. Sylvia Matos raised her family in a three-bedroom apartment at the Saint Mary's Park Houses, but after 48 years, NYCHA says the unit is too big for her. Matos has recently received a letter saying that she must transfer out to make way for a larger family. As of Dec. 5, NYCHA had more than 42,000 people waiting for an apartment in The Bronx. Officials have identified more than 10,000 units that are under-occupied."To serve families in need, it is essential that NYCHA utilize this scarce public resource as it was intended: to assist the greatest number of families eligible for affordable and subsidized housing," the agency said in a statement. NYCHA will be offering tenants incentives to transfer out, such as covering their moving expenses.