KINGSBRIDGE HEIGHTS - NYCHA tenants in Kingsbridge Heights say that their stoves and ovens haven't been working for years.

Andrea Soreano, a resident at the Fort Independence Houses, says that her stove and oven have been working inconsistently since she moved into her apartment in 1998. She says that she has complained to NYCHA for years, and that she's not the only one.

The building's tenants association told News 12 that roughly 250 residents are facing stove and oven problems.

Councilman Fernando Cabrera says $410,000 was given to NYCHA last summer to replace the old appliances in the building with new ones. He says the building promised to install the appliances by January, but so far nothing has been done.

A representative for NYCHA told News 12 that it has been in regular contact with Councilman Cabrera and that it is working to expedite the funds through its internal budget process.