THE BRONX - Apartments at the Edenwald Houses in the Bronx were flooded with several inches of water from the eighth floor all the way down to the first floor as a result of a leaky roof, according to NYCHA officials.

Neighbors inside the complex say the water started dripping from the ceiling around 11 p.m. Sunday.

They say this is the fourth time water has caused flooding inside the building.

The problem has been addressed in the past, neighbors say, but no one ever fixed it.

Some apartment units were flooded with ankle high water.  

NYCHA says it has cleared the water in the apartments and public spaces, and it is checking apartments to see if any follow-up repairs are necessary.  Staff is also assessing damages to the building. It says flooding appears to have originated in the roof tank.

Last year, NYCHA says it hired contractors to repair the pipes that go from the basement to the roof and that work was completed.