THE BRONX - A pit bull attack left a NYCHA worker with multiple injuries at the Morris Houses this past week.

Alphonsus Ojevwe says he is shocked that he survived Thursday's attack. He says he was trying to recover unpaid rent from a tenant when two pit bulls charged and attacked him and his partner.

The dogs bit into his cheek and his thigh, leaving him bleeding on the floor of the building.

After managing to break free, he ran downstairs and called EMS, who rushed him to St. Barnabas Hospital. He then underwent emergency surgery.

Ojevwe says he intends to press charges against the tenant.

Pit bulls have been banned from every NYCHA complex since 2010.

In a statement to News 12, NYCHA said, "The safety of residents and employees is our top priority, and policy violations that put people at risk are simply unacceptable. The authority's pet policy is intended to promote a safe and clean living environment for everyone in our developments."

The statement goes on to say that the dogs involved in the incident were removed by the NYPD and that "tenancy action is pending against the resident."