BAYCHESTER - Police say they have arrested the father of the pregnant Baychester woman found dead Wednesday. 

Police say they found Andrea Caruth's body overnight in the basement of her two-family home at 3242 Corsa Ave.

Her 61-year-old father, William Caruth, lived there in the basement.

One of Caruth's close friends tells News 12 that she's not surprised by the charges against her father. Another held back tears when police escorted him in handcuffs out of the 47th Precinct.

"I can't understand why a father would hurt his own child," says Marjorie Johnson, a friend of the victim. "It just doesn't make any sense."

Investigators say the elder Caruth hid his daughter's body in a closet.

Police earlier questioned Caruth's boyfriend, Lincoln Grant, but he has not been charged.

Grant, Caruth's boyfriend of 10 years, lived with her upstairs in the home.

A preliminary report says Caruth died of strangulation and hard blows to the head. The city medical examiner will determine an exact cause of death, according to authorities.

Police charged the father with second-degree murder and manslaughter.

The younger Caruth had gone missing over the weekend.