THE BRONX - A violent assailant attempted to sexually assault a woman at Tremont Park in the Bronx early Wednesday evening, police say.

The suspect approached the woman from behind and pressed a knife to her neck, according to police. The victim fought back, but the suspect threw her to the ground and punched her in the face. She also tells News 12 that the he slashed her leg.

He attempted to cut her pants away and sexually assault her, the 45-year-old victim says, but she fought him off with pepper spray.

The victim says she always carries defense spray and attends boxing classes. 

A man who owns a business across the street says he's been lobbying Community Board 6 and the NYPD to install cameras in the park. He says the area is dangerous and blames that on a nearby methadone clinic.

The community board's district manager says she'll begin working with merchants Friday to get those cameras installed.

The park is a popular playground for children, according to parents, who say they plan on avoiding it until police catch the suspect.