THE BRONX - Fordham University officials have sent students a mass email alerting them that a racial slur was etched onto a dorm room door.

According to officials, a black student found the 'N' word on the door of his dorm at the Lalande Residence Hall.

Officials say he came home to the racial slur Sunday after being gone all day, so it's unclear when exactly it was etched onto the door.  The student informed university staff who then called 911. 

Fordham sent News 12 a statement about the incident saying in part, "It goes without saying that such behavior is antithetical to the values of Jesuit education," and, "...such slurs injure not only their intended targets, but the entire Fordham community."

The NYPD tells News 12 it is investigating the incident as a possible bias crime.  Officials say the person who did it could face criminal charges in addition to university disciplinary action.