THE BRONX - Shootings were down this year across the city, but many of the fatal ones that have happened occurred in the Bronx, city officials said Monday, while announcing the latest round of crime statistics.

According to the NYPD, the city saw a 1.4 percent decrease in overall crime in June 2016 compared to the same time last year, although there were 30 murders in June alone. Officials said 24 of those happened in the Bronx or Brooklyn.

Gun arrests rose by 20 percent, officials said, marking the highest rate in New York in the last five years. 

Officials also touted the April takedown of dozens of alleged gang members in the NYPD's 47th Precinct. They said the arrests led to a decrease in gang-related shootings.

But they also pointed to a growing number of domestic incidents and robberies in the Bronx. Rapes also rose by more than 7 percent across the city.