THE BRONX - With New York City facing a $12.5 billion budget deficit, the NYPD has devised a plan to generate more revenue for the city by cracking down on drivers who are ?blocking the box.?

The police department is planning to hire 200 more traffic agents to ticket drivers who are blocking intersections throughout the five boroughs. Motorists who are caught committing the violation will be fined $115.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly estimates the plan would generate about $60 million in additional revenue.

Some drivers, however, believe the city?s plan is misdirected.

In the past, ?blocking the box? summonses were considered moving violations that could only be issued by uniformed officers and senior traffic enforcement agents. Earlier this year, however, the NYPD made it easier for traffic agents to ticket drivers.

The term ?to block the box? came out of the 1980s campaign to end gridlock in New York City by fining drivers who stopped at intersections.