THE BRONX - Critics say a plan to restore perinatal units to North Central Bronx Hospital will take too long.

The plan is slated to take nine months to implement and bring back the hospital's maternity ward, but the New York State Nurses Association is calling to get it reopened immediately. The association is holding a "Jam for Justice" at Lincoln Medical Center, with the goal of getting the attention of the board of directors at the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.

The maternity ward was closed back in August, and the Nurse's Association says there were excessive wait times and overcrowding at Jacobi Medical Center as a result. Hospital officials announced about two weeks ago that they would restore the units.

The association says North Central Bronx Hospital had 1,400 deliveries last year, meaning that nine months without a perinatal ward could shut out more than 1,000 Bronx babies.

The Health and Hospitals Corporation said in a statement that not much changed because of the closure, claiming that no employees lost their jobs and the majority of expectant mothers from North Central Bronx Hospital continued to receive outpatient care there.