THE BRONX - President Barack Obama's $819 billion economic stimulus package has moved on to the Senate following its passage in the House Wednesday evening.

The city and state will see money from the package if it gets the OK from the Senate. Under the plan, $87 billion will go to states to meet Medicaid costs. Lawmakers in New York say that money would help close part of the state's budget gap.

Also included in the plan is $140 billion for education. City officials say that money would be a huge help, considering schools could lose education funding under the governor's proposed cuts. They say the president's plan could help prevent teacher layoffs.

While Democrats feel the plan is a strong one, Republicans disagree. Not one Republican voted in favor of the stimulus package. House Minority Leader John Boehner says Republicans want to see more tax cuts included in a plan.

Obama has been working to get bipartisan support for the stimulus. Senate Republicans will have a chance to work some of those tax breaks into the package before a vote.