THE BRONX - The officers involved in a fatal dirt bike crash in the Bronx last August took the stand in court today.

Officer Fernando Santos was the passenger in the police cruiser that rammed into Adalberto Gonzalez, killing his friend, Eddie Fernandez, who was riding on the back of the bike. Santos testified that Gonzalez was driving erratically and in the wrong direction down a one-way street.

The driver of the police car was questioned for two hours today and will be questioned further next week. Both the driver and Santos said that Gonzales was posing a danger to other motorists. Gonzales' defense claims the officers are lying in order to cover up the death of the second biker.

Gonzalez is on trial for charges of reckless driving and operating a vehicle without a license. The top two charges against him were dismissed last week following the release of surveillance video of the accident. He and his attorney maintain that police intentionally struck the bike.