HUNTS POINT - Some elected officials say the Bronx shoreline is wasted waterfront, and they want to see the area used differently.

The Bronx is home to 75 miles of shoreline, but the waterfront is cluttered by city-owned properties, such as the Hunts Point Marine Transfer Station and the jail barge ? properties that are not water dependent. Councilman David Yassky wants to see the limited waterfront space be used for water-dependent developments or parks.

?We have a limited amount of waterfront space in the city,? Yassky says. ?We should be using it for uses that need to be on the waterfront.?

In 2005, Yassky released the Waterfront Wastes and Opportunities report. It listed 10 city-owned properties that aren?t water dependent and suggested they be removed and replaced with properties that need the water.

It?s been three years since the report was released and nothing has been done to make any changes. The properties that some feel are cluttering the waterfront are all owned by the city, state or federal government. Bronx residents wonder if the ownership of the properties has anything to do with the slow execution of Yassky?s plan.

Yassky and borough president Adolfo Carrion, Jr. eventually want to make the marine transfer station a location for public markets or a restaurant. They also hope to possibly turn the jail barge into a fishing pier, since fishermen have a tough time finding an ideal spot to cast their lines.

Carrion implemented a waterfront project plan in 2004. A spokesperson for the borough president says the plan is an ongoing initiative.