THE BRONX - An article written by a Yonkers native ripping the development of the Bronx is receiving plenty of feedback.

The article, entitled “When the Bronx looks like Paris,” was posted to on Sunday. It was was written by Patricia Vaccarino after she visited the borough during a business trip several months ago. Her writing describes gangsters on the Grand Concourse and dispels the idea that the Bronx is growing economically and becoming safer.

“There could be more revitalization, there could be more entrepreneurship starting up,” Vaccarino told News 12 in a phone interview.

Bronx Overall Economic Development president Marlene Cintron says that the borough has a lot to be proud of.

“We have taken a lot on the chin and we're not going to do that anymore,” said Cintron. “We are Bronxites and we're very proud of being Bronxites.”

Vaccarino, who has been living on the West Coast since 1978, states that New York will always be her home. She says that she plans to be back in the borough next month and is open to speaking with residents and officials.