THE BRONX - Ohio Gov. John Kasich brought his presidential campaign to the Bronx Thursday.

Kasich, a Republican, visited Arthur Avenue in Belmont for lunch.

He is far behind rivals Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz in the delegate count, but said he will continue to campaign until the GOP National Convention because he feels he is the only candidate in his party who can win in the general election.

A crowd filled with college students greeted the Ohio governor during his visit. When asked why he brought his campaign to the Bronx, he answered with one word: "Food."

But when asked again why the Republican candidate visited such a heavily Democratic area, he returned to his message for the general election.

“Democrats vote too, you know,” Kasich said. “And they count. They are Americans."

Kasich ate at Mike's Deli in the Arthur Avenue Market. Owner David Greco said he was impressed with the conversation he had while dining with the candidate.

"This man is doing a lot of great things right now, so I think I think it's going to get a little bit tight," Greco said.

Kasich said he hopes to make up some delegate ground in New York, but the most recent Monmouth University poll has him in a distant second behind Trump, who is from the state.