THE BRONX - The founding fathers of hip-hop are looking to turn the old Bronx courthouse into a hip-hop museum.

Original MCs are looking to create a lasting legacy for the music genre they created in the borough in the 1970s.

“Hip-hop has been around for over 40 years, and it is the only music genre that doesn't have a place to protect and preserve its legacy,” says Rocky Bucano, president of the Universal Hip Hop Museum.

The museum is still in its early stages, but collaborators say their goal is to have their genre showcased in the borough where it was born.

The mission to build a museum is still in its early stages, but original MC's say they are collaborating with the next generation of creatives.

"You're going to find quite a few that participate on the red carpet, but not a lot want to come and lay the carpet, and I happen to be a hip-hop carpet layer so that's what I'm here for, I'm here to lay the carpet," says hip-hop artist, Roxanne Shante.

Both hip-hop veterans and newcomers are working together to come up with an overall design for the museum, so they can go to investors to raise the tens of millions of dollars they need to transform the abandoned building into a space where legends of hip-hop can be immortalized, they say.

“Success, real success, is to make history,” says hip-hop artist, Curtis Blow.