THE BRONX - Neighbors are making a stink about an Olinville lot they say is doubling as an illegal garbage dump.

It's at the corner of East 213th Street and Willett Avenue.

News 12 reported last month that the lot hadn't been cleaned in months. Now, more garbage has piled up.

The area has a foul smell. Some of the litter includes discarded food, painting supplies, and even TVs.

Norma Douglas, who lives nearby, says she and other neighbors can't open their windows due to the smell and the bugs it attracts.

The Department of Sanitation says that the lot is privately owned, but also that city workers have cleaned up the site five times in the past year and issued violations to the owner.

The Bank of New York Mellon is listed as the owner, but says that it is only the collateral agent and referred News 12 to MTAG Services, which did not immediately respond to requests for comment.