NEW YORK - An undercover sting operation has taken down an illegal gun trafficking ring that stretched across New York City and several other states. 

The 367-count indictment says 93 guns, including assault weapons, are off the streets as part of "Operation Redrum."

The NYPD and the state Attorney General's Office also announced that nine alleged members and associates of the violent Bloods street gang were arrested, including five men from the Bronx.

Investigators say that Tuesday's bust is a major step toward reducing the flow of illegal guns into and out of the city.

Officials say the weapons, some of which had their serial numbers removed, were purchased in New York City, Port Chester, Maine and Connecticut. They were then allegedly resold by ring members in New York City.

The men are facing a number of charges, including felony conspiracy and criminal sale of firearms.

Authorities say the operation was named after the ringleader, William "Redrum" Soler, of the Bronx. He is facing additional charges for allegedly plotting to kill a rival gang member.

Devon Fairburn, of Brooklyn, who was known as the "Godfather," was the ring's second-in-command, according to authorities.

If convicted, many of those charged could face more than 25 years behind bars.