THE BRONX - A massive fire spread throughout a Pelham Bay restaurant just days before it was set to reopen.

Officials say the fire inside the Texas Chicken restaurant spread to the roof, then to two other buildings including a deli next door.

"They were trying to light the stove and when they lit it, they were having trouble with the gas and that led to an explosion in the oven," says Battalion Chief Bill Carroll.

Chief Barron says that no one was injured.

The fire is the latest incident in a string of bad luck for the restaurant's owners.

Back in June, 7-year-old Ethan Villavicencio was eating inside the restaurant, then known as Kennedy's Chicken and Sandwiches, when a car backed up into the restaurant. Ethan was pinned against the wall and did not survive.

The restaurant was set to reopen Thursday after making renovations due to that crash.

At least two firefighters suffered minor injuries in the fire. They were taken to Jacobi Medical Center and are expected to be OK.